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Over 100 forums with 300 million posts use Threadloom

Unlock your best content with the best forum site search

Threadloom uses the latest search technology and the power of the cloud to make it quick and easy for your users to find the most relevant content on your forum.

Threadloom is the only forum site search engine that provides:

  • WordPress search

  • Image search

  • Spell correction

  • Clustered results

  • Filter suggestions

  • Custom, forum-tuned analyzer

  • Powerful stemming/lemmatization

  • Server offloading and auto-scaling

threadloom search technology

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Real-world results

Two months after installing Threadloom, searches on Baby Bargains increased six-fold, while the time to complete a search decreased 90%. Sessions with a site search showed greater engagement compared to the year prior – lower bounce rates, more pages per session, and longer session durations.

Impact on sessions with a search


Fewer bounces


More session pages


Longer sessions

"Threadloom has dramatically boosted our site's search effectiveness, lowered bounce rates and increased the time folks are staying on our site. Our members are amazed at how fast Threadloom returns results . . . And the accuracy blows away the old search engine!"

— Alan Fields, owner of

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Threadloom is the best forum search engine available

powerful search technology


Our powerful search technology gives forum users the most relevant content in a beautiful interface. It includes spell correction, and works as well on phones as it does on desktops.

easy to use

Easy to use

It installs in minutes, and there is nothing to maintain on your forum server. Threadloom includes remote updates so forum owners can focus on their content instead of maintenance.

cloud based threadloom


Because it is cloud-based, Threadloom provides consistent, fast forum search, and seamlessly scales as forums grow without costly server upgrades.

"We will not sell or share your data, period."

Paul Lee, CEO, Threadloom

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