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A person or team who inspires or influences dreams to change the world, especially in a particularly meaningful endeavor.

"they accomplished more than they could have imagined because of the loominaries that helped them believe in the impossible"
synonyms: guiding light, inspiration, challenger, truth teller, helper, friend

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Paul Lee
CEO and Co-Founder

Paul's relationship with forums started when his mother's employer sent every employee home with a 386 PC, Win. 3.1, and a 2400-baud modem. Since then, he's been drawn to communities that are motivated by a common desire to help each other. Paul's personal motivation for working at Threadloom is to bring back mutual respect and personal dignity to the Internet; and he's excited to work with an incredible team that practices this daily in person.

Forums: Tesla Motors Club, FlyerTalk, Slickdeals, r/meraki

Education: BA in International Relations, MA in International Policy Studies, Stanford University; MBA, Harvard University

Greg Hecht
CTO and Co-Founder

Greg's teammates often puzzle over reconciling his friendly demeanor with his love for fiercely competitive sports. Though he seems laid back, he is driven by the startup thrill of quickly moving from concept, to execution, to scale in all areas of technology and team-building. He's a fan of whisky and bourbon and considers himself an expert on the topic of comic books. He has launched products at some of Silicon Valley's most notable companies - from writing graphics software at Silicon Graphics, to building the first DVRs at TiVo, to a decade in technical leadership roles at Google.

Forums: Comic Book Resources, Slickdeals, r/whiskey

Education: BS in Computer Science, University of Michigan

Alyssa Caulley
Engineering Director

As an engineer, Alyssa most enjoys being close to the product and simplifying solutions to complex problems. At Cal Poly she was recognized for her technical and leadership skills by the Society of Women Engineers and the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship program. As a senior software engineer at Google, Alyssa helped build Google for Nonprofits, which gives away over $1 billion of products and services every year. In her "spare time", Alyssa has enjoyed activities like volunteering as a high school computer science instructor, facilitating group studies on social issues, reading and learning, running (in theory), and attempting to keep up with her high-energy toddler.

Forums: Baby Bargains, LetsRun, Kitchen Knife Forums

Education: BS in Software Engineering, California Polytechnic State University

Evan Caulley
Director of Product Ops

Evan brings a wealth of hands-on operational knowledge and a passion for working with customers. He helped shape Google Fiber's community outreach efforts and, prior to that, worked in Google.org leading the international expansion of Google for Nonprofits to over 50 countries. Evan loves to read, watch his beloved Mariners and Giants, play the drums, and run through the watershed trails near his home.

Forums: Styleforum, AVForums, Woodworking Talk

Education: BA in Economics, Brown University

Timothy Chan
Software Engineer

Tim is addicted to the energetic and innovative culture of the startup world. While he relishes opportunities to make amazing software products with cutting-edge technology, he's even more excited about working with talented engineers who are humble and conscientious, yet courageous and determined. Tim's passion is to "pay it forward" by helping others grow. Besides spending time with his wife and four children and community of friends, Tim also enjoys reading, daydreaming, watching the San Francisco Giants, mentoring youth, gigging as a live sound engineer, and planning family road trips to obscure small towns.

Forums: Nextdoor, Goodreads, TalkBass

Education: BS, MS in Computer Sciences, University of Texas at Austin

Leo Shih

Leo thrives when applying technology to solve novel problems. Leo has deep expertise in search technology, social networks, and cloud computing. Today, he is building next-generation products and experiences at Microsoft. Previously, he was Vice-President of Product Engineering at Medstory, a search application for health information acquired by Microsoft. Leo is energized by learning, his three children, and a game of tennis on Saturday morning.

Forums: Stack Overflow, Bogleheads, Slickdeals

Education: BS in Biological Sciences, Stanford

Raquel Romano
Principal Software Engineer

Raquel is a humanitarian trapped inside an engineer's brain (either that or an engineer trapped inside a humanitarian's soul). At Google, she helped launch Streetview, built crisis response tools for use during natural disasters, and helped make Android apps accessible. She is a proud alum of the United States Digital Service, where she developed web applications that deliver services to immigrants and veterans. She loves hiking with her spouse and 3 children, mentoring women of color in tech, and sinking into a good novel.

Forums: Chinchilla Club, Good Reads, Berkeley Parents Network

Education: BA in Mathematics, Harvard University; MS and PhD in Computer Science, MIT

Chris Dildy
Developer Relations Advocate

Chris is a kid at heart who loves exploring his happy place at Walt Disney World. His favorite rides are Splash Mountain and Expedition Everest. He fuels his Disney World addiction by searching for the best travel deals. A family friend introduced Chris to forums, which he was drawn to by the friendliness and knowledge in the communities. Over the next 20 years, Chris administered more than 100 communities, including owning and operating an independent network. Chris is excited to help communities grow through quality content and great user experiences.

Forums: Slickdeals, Gun & Game, FlyerTalk

Education: BA in Computer Science, Minor in History, East Carolina University

Taylor Edwards
Software Engineer

Taylor discovered forums through an insatiable love for mechanical keyboards. Before he knew it, he found himself in a private tour group at a keycap manufacturing plant surrounded by fellow enthusiasts — he was hooked. Before joining Threadloom, Taylor worked with a small team to design and develop the web client for T-Mobile DIGITS. After its successful launch, he helped scale and lead the product's frontend engineering team. When he isn't playing with keyboards, Taylor enjoys touring the beautiful northwest on his motorcycle.

Forums: Geekhack, Deskthority, PNW Moto

Education: BFA Visual Communication Design, Cornish College of the Arts

Yang Sun
Lead Data Scientist

(Yang believes that writing a bio is harder than writing code.)

def bio: Unit = {
   (1994 to 2019).foreach { time =>
     time match {
       case year if year < 2008 =>
         println(year + ": Trying to figure out what I am really 
         	 passionate about. Tried physics, electrical engineering, 
         	 entrepreneurship, and finally landed in information sciences.")
       case year if year < 2014 => 
         println(year + ": Struggling to feed myself; working for AOL, 
         	 eBay and Docomo Innovations.")
       case year if year < 2018 => 
         println(year + ": Founding a startup for interest-based 
         	 social networking in China.")
       case _ => println(time + ": Hoping to build something cool for everyone.")

Forums: BadmintonCentral, mitbbs

Education: BS in Physics, Peking University; PhD in Information Science, Penn State

Lesley Huang
Software Engineering Intern

Lesley finds joy in seeing the smiles of her audience after delivering her candid commentary and appreciation for life’s trivial inconveniences. Among many things, she values hour-long dinner chats, interactions with her podcast friends, and exploration of different technology platforms. Aside from actively pursuing an undergraduate degree at Cornell, she is also a member of two project teams, Cornell Cup Robotics and Cornell AppDev as well as BigRed//Hacks, Cornell’s largest student-ran hackathon organization group. Threadloom is her first internship and Lesley hopes that she is able to explore a few different avenues of CS before the end of the summer.

Forums: StackOverflow, MyAnimeList, r/dataisbeautiful

Education: Pursuing BS in Computer Science, Cornell University

Michelle Park
Product Operations Engineer

Michelle has worked on a variety of problems after graduating from Cal in EECS, including DSP emulation at Berkeley Wireless Research Center, cache coherency at Sun Microsystems, Bluetooth/WLAN coexistence at Qualcomm Atheros, and custom memories at Novelics. When she's not working, she loves playing the piano and spending time with her husband and two kids.

Forums: Stack Overflow, TalkCockatiels.org

Education: BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley

Alex Wilsey
Product Operations Specialist

Alex is currently pursuing a degree in Data Analytics from Washington State University. He is an active member of Lambda Chi Alpha, where he served as president in 2018. Outside of school, Alex is an avid fast food connoisseur and enjoys golf, water skiing, and snow skiing. Alex has a passion for data and efficiency and hopes to contribute to a world where individuals gain access to more information and have the power to make the right decision every time.

Forums: Newschoolers, r/fastfood

Education: BA in Data Analytics, Washington State University