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A person or team who inspires or influences dreams to change the world, especially in a particularly meaningful endeavor.

"they accomplished more than they could have imagined because of the loominaries that helped them believe in the impossible"
synonyms: guiding light, inspiration, challenger, truth teller, helper, friend

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Paul Lee
CEO and Co-Founder

Paul's friends joke that he has a PhD in shopping. At Google, his desk was the nexus of Amazon and Craigslist. His search for the best product at the best price deepened his relationship with forums. Combined with an innate desire to solve intractable problems, Paul created local product inventory search for Google. Raised in an immigrant family with three ordained ministers, helping underserved populations has always been important to Paul. Since college, he has helped shape solutions in microfinance, African HIV/AIDS medicine distribution, and google.org, the charitable arm of Google.

Forums: Tesla Motors Club, FlyerTalk, Slickdeals, r/meraki

Education: BA in International Relations, MA in International Policy Studies, Stanford University. MBA, Harvard University

Greg Hecht
CTO and Co-Founder

Greg is a fount of useless comic book knowledge, particularly Silver Age Green Lantern. He also enjoys craft beer and cocktails, and has a decent scotch whisky collection. Between these hobbies, Greg is an engineer who believes in the power of technology to improve the world. He has launched products at some of Silicon Valley's most notable companies - from designing graphics software at Silicon Graphics, to building the first DVRs at TiVo, to a decade in technical leadership roles at Google.

Forums: Comic Book Resources, Badger & Blade, r/whiskey

Education: BS in Computer Science, University of Michigan

Alyssa Caulley
Engineering Director

Alyssa enjoys stepping into the unknown, bringing clarity to confusion, and creating the technical frameworks that others build upon. At Cal Poly, she was recognized for her technical and leadership skills by the Society of Women Engineers and the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship Program. As a senior software engineer at Google, Alyssa helped build Google for Nonprofits, which gives away over $1 billion of products and services every year. Alyssa enjoys giving back and volunteered as a high school computer science instructor. She also enjoys theater, outdoors activities, and spending time with her husband, new baby, and two dogs.

Forums: Baby Bargains, Baby Center, Kitchen Knife Forums

Education: BS in Software Engineering, California Polytechnic State University

Jenna Quindica
Software Engineer

Jenna's favorite parts about being a software engineer are helping people and making users happy. She comes from the startup world, previously helping solve the national student debt crisis at Tuition.io. Jenna studied computer science at Cornell University but was lured away by the prospect of accelerating her learning at startups. When Paul, Greg, Leo, and Alyssa welcomed her to the team, Jenna realized she couldn't throw away her shot. (Note her uncanny ability to tie any conversation back to a scene from Hamilton.)

Forums: Broadway World, Orchids Forum, Bike Forums

Education: Cornell University, Tuition.io

Evan Caulley
Director of Product Ops

Evan joins Threadloom from Google, where he most recently helped shape Google Fiber's community outreach efforts, and prior to that, worked in Google.org leading the international expansion of Google for Nonprofits to over 50 countries. He brings a wealth of hands-on operational knowledge and a passion for working with customers. When he has the chance, Evan loves to read, watch his beloved Mariners and Giants, play the drums, and go on long runs through the soggy watershed trails near his home – passions he is busy instilling (with mixed results) in his 1-year-old daughter.

Forums: Styleforum, AVForums, Woodworking Talk

Education: BA in Economics, Brown University

Timothy Chan
Software Engineer

Tim is addicted to the energetic and innovative culture of the startup world. While he relishes opportunities to make amazing software products with cutting-edge technology, he's even more excited about working with talented engineers who are humble and conscientious, yet courageous and determined. Tim's passion is to "pay it forward" by helping others grow. Besides spending time with his wife and four children and community of friends, Tim also enjoys reading, daydreaming, watching the San Francisco Giants, mentoring youth, gigging as a live sound engineer, and planning family road trips to obscure small towns.

Forums: Nextdoor, Goodreads, TalkBass

Education: BS, MS in Computer Sciences, University of Texas at Austin

Leo Shih

Leo thrives when applying technology to solve novel problems. Leo has deep expertise in search technology, social networks, and cloud computing. Today, he is building next-generation products and experiences at Microsoft. Previously, he was Vice-President of Product Engineering at Medstory, a search application for health information acquired by Microsoft. Leo is energized by learning, his three children, and a game of tennis on Saturday morning.

Forums: Stack Overflow, Bogleheads, Slickdeals

Education: BS in Biological Sciences, Stanford

Raquel Romano
Principal Software Engineer

Raquel is a humanitarian trapped inside an engineer's brain (either that or an engineer trapped inside a humanitarian's soul). At Google, she helped launch Streetview, built crisis response tools for use during natural disasters, and helped make Android apps accessible. She is a proud alum of the United States Digital Service, where she developed web applications that deliver services to immigrants and veterans. She loves hiking with her spouse and 3 children, mentoring women of color in tech, and sinking into a good novel.

Forums: Chinchilla Club, Good Reads, Berkeley Parents Network

Education: BA in Mathematics, Harvard University. MS and PhD in Computer Science, MIT