Powerful, easy to use, cloud-based

Threadloom makes your best content easy to find.

The best forum search engine available

Threadloom is the first search engine designed from the ground up specifically for forums. It's a completely new solution that uses the power of the cloud and packages the latest in search technology and design into an easy-to-install plug-in. The result is fast, high-quality, and beautiful forum search.


Threadloom's powerful search technology gives your users the most relevant content in a beautiful interface.

Relevant results

Forum-specific ranking model and search innovation produce the most relevant results for your users.

Spell correction

Threadloom auto-corrects typos and word breaks, and even recognizes slang.

Responsive and adaptive UI

Threadloom works as well on phones as it does on desktops, and automatically selects fonts and colors to match your existing style.

modern search tools

Easy to use

Threadloom is easy to install and maintain.

quick installation

Quick installation

Our plug-in installs in minutes. There's no additional software to install.

easy configuration

Easy configuration

Enter your credentials after you install the plug-in, and we'll let you know when your index is ready. That's it.

automatic updates

Automatic updates

Optional remote updates mean that you can focus on your content instead of on maintenance.

no maintenance

No maintenance

There's nothing to maintain on your server, and no need for costly memory or storage upgrades.


Threadloom leverages the power of the cloud to deliver fast, reliable, and scalable site search to forums.

fast forum search


Threadloom provides consistent, fast forum search. Search doesn't slow down when your traffic picks up.

See example

secure and reliable


Threadloom includes enterprise-grade security and reliability. Our servers are 99+% available and configured for redundancy across multiple data centers.

scalable to forum growth


Threadloom seamlessly scales as your forum grows, without costly server upgrades. There's no need to pay for additional CPUs or memory to power search.

Available now for vBulletin and XenForo

Threadloom is currently available for vBulletin 3, vBulletin 4, and XenForo 1.5.