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Seamless forum and Newsletter integration.
Free with Threadloom Newsletter.

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Invite drive-by visitors to subscribe to your Threadloom Newsletter.

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Note: Click on Weekly Newsletter in the top navbar to trigger the opt-in form.

Free with Threadloom Newsletter

List Builder is included with Threadloom Newsletter. Get all of the features below for free.

Zero installation

  • Use your existing Threadloom plug-in — nothing new to install.

  • Easily configure settings in the Threadloom Portal.

  • Preview changes privately.


  • Capture consent via GDPR-compliant tools.

  • Automatically verify sign-ups with double opt-in emails.

  • Search for and delete users in the Threadloom Portal.

Seamless integration

  • Trigger your form based on time, time and pageviews, or scrolling.

  • Display to logged in and/or logged out users.

  • Automatically add users to Newsletter.

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