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10x more results than XenForo search.
10x faster than vBulletin search.
With image search, spell correction, and WordPress search.

Features you can't get anywhere else

Image search

Computer vision finds images even if the search term isn't in the title, metadata, or post.

Custom search tabs

Add tabs that search over your blog, storefront, or any crawlable web page.

Spell correction

Fixes typos and word-breaks, and recognizes popular brands, celebrities, and slang.

"We are convinced. After much testing (easy with side-by-side test mode), we've found the search results returned by Threadloom to be superior to our elasticsearch results."

Paul Determan, owner

"This new search feature is so, so much better than the previous format!" member

"So far has been great. Author is responsive, service is solid and search on XF is finally usable. This is one of those must-have addons."

Nikolay Ichpekov, owner

"My job is to provide a place for new people to get accurate, safe answers from the more experienced in the industry. Your search tools make our best content easier to find!"

David Silvernail (Dave), owner

"Awesome! Threadloom has dramatically boosted our site's search effectiveness, lowered bounce rates, and increased the time folks are staying on our site. Our members are amazed at how fast Threadloom returns results...and the accuracy blows away the old search engine!"

Alan Fields, owner

"I'm impressed with how quickly the search index updates with posts. I did a test and the post was visible in search within a second of posting. I'm impressed with the quality of the search results, the modern UI, ease of use, and the fact that there is more to come in the future. I feel that standard search is not being developed, and it is only with third-party search like this that things will get significantly better."

Steve Frearson, owner

10x more results than
XenForo search

10x faster than
vBulletin search

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Install the plug-in in 2 minutes.


Wait for us to build your index.


Adjust your colors and turn it on.

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Image search

Wordpress search

Spell correction

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Built-in compression

Adaptive styling

Real-time indexing

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